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Our dedicated team of physical, occupational and speech therapists provide the highest quality care, while working to facilitate each residents ability to function at their maximum level of potential.

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Cross Terrace Rehabilitation is rated 5-STAR’s in wound care management. AHCA, as well as the wound care physician group-Vohra have recognized us. This program is personally managed by the Director of Nursing, who is wound care certified.

  What does Cross Terrace Rehabilitation Center do differently? We use the nutritional component for wound healing. We admit very complex wounds and immediately implement high doses of vitamins, minerals, proteins and supplements that assist with wound healing. A method of extra protein with extra fresh fruits on all meal trays is part

of our plan. We closely observe

lab work in conjunction with our Registered Dietician. It sounds simple at times, but works better and faster than other methods of wound healing.    

Activities for all...

Our activities deptartment prides itself on having a wide range of activities to meet the needs of our residents. Varied religious services,  weekly Karaoke,  impromptu , "Let's make a salad bar", manicures, bingo, even trips to Ray's baseball games, are among the many activities that ensure our residents unique, and individualized needs are met. This is done in coordination with a very active Resident Council.

Services Include

Languages spoken by our Staff

1351 San Christopher Drive

Dunedin, Florida

Main #: 727-736-1421

Cross Terrace Mission:

Our Staff is dedicated to serve our residents and their families. We have high standards and these are met on a daily basis by all staff.

“Above and Beyond” are key words, along with, “Great Customer Service”.

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Nestled among the oaks in Dunedin is, "The best kept secret in LTC". The reasons a recent state surveyor made this statement about our 5 star rated facility are numerous. The ownership and staff at Cross Terrace Rehabilitation Center believe in treating the total person. That includes ; therapies, nursing and numerous psycho/social interventions

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